Content creators, rejoice! Below is a list of resources I’ve compiled that are perfect for jolting inspiration or for helping you get work done. I’ve used all these resources to one extent or another, and I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t think was actually helpful. If you have comments or questions about any of these, feel free to contact Creative Quibble through social media.

For readers and writers: is a great place for creative writers looking for alternatives to the multitude of freelance copy- and blog-writing job sites out there. The website lists literary journals and magazines, both fiction and nonfiction that pay writers for submissions. It also lists writing competitions that offer monetary prizes with no entry fee.

Kris Noel, author of “The Serenity Compound,” runs a Tumblr website called Fiction Writing Tips. If you’re working on a novel, check it out – she has some good tips for how to stay consistent in your writing and how to develop your characters, and she also answers questions!

The We Need Diverse Books website runs programs, including grants and contests, for writers looking to get their manuscripts published. They’ve also partnered with literary agencies and publishing houses to get diverse voices through the doors.

For artists and designers:

Canva is a website dedicated to making design accessible for everyone. I was introduced to it by the director at a nonprofit I worked for, and we used it to make graphics for our social media pages and advertisements. Ever since, I’ve been addicted – I used it to make the graphics on this site! The downside of Canva is that the free version is limited in terms of what you can do. For example, if you create a logo through Canva, you can’t copy that logo onto other designs you make on the site in the free version. Also, only one person can edit each design. They do have a paid version that addresses all these issues and is designed specifically with teams in mind. I’m currently using the free version.

**This page is under development. Stay tuned for updates on new resources for content creators and consumers of every sort!**

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