Creative Quibble wants to explore two questions: why and how.

Why are some television shows so popular? Why are some movies so terrible? Why are some books so moving? Why are some ads so cringeworthy?

And once we’ve figured out why we can ask: How do I, as a content creator, make media that works?

As someone who works in the media and who aspires to be a novelist, these are the questions I ask all the time when I consume media in any form. Why do I love some things and hate others, and how can I create content other people will love?

Creative Quibble is about that conversation. It’s a place for content creators and media enthusiasts of all sorts to talk about what works and what doesn’t, so that together we can make awesome stuff and bring great content to light. Whether you’re an artist or advertiser, writer or filmmaker, an enthusiastic fan or a Netflix binger, this is the place for you.

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Nadia Eldemerdash is a writer and editor based in Las Vegas, Nev. When she’s not obsessively analyzing her favorite books and TV shows, she writes about migration, identity, and culture. She enjoys eating her meals before her friends have a chance to Instagram them, the idea of exercise, and packing luggage. Follow her on Twitter for snarky comments on the news, and on Tumblr for a digital stream-of-conscious.