Link Bank October 2016: Spooky fun facts for Halloween

I’m going to level with you: I’m not a fan of Halloween. The kids are cute, sure, but I never understood why you don’t just buy the candy you want and eat it at home. At least then you’d always get the candy you like!

“Give me the Reese’s! Give them to me or die!”

Clearly, however, the rest of the nation feels very differently. Regardless of whether you love or hate the holiday (is it a holiday if you don’t get the day off?), I guarantee you will be spooked by these fun facts.

25 real facts that make common fears less scary – Cracked

“More people are killed by vending machines than by sharks.”

40 scariest books of the last 200 years – The Lineup

“All of Poe’s poems are scary, but this short story [“The Fall of the House of Usher”] in particular—about a crumbling house whose inhabitants are riddled with anxiety—will give you chills.

(This is true. I read the this story in English class several years ago, and it still haunts me.)

Handy Halloween guide explains how much candy it will take to kill you – The A.V. Club

“You’d probably be throwing up like crazy long before you reach either of those limits, but they still seem weirdly low.”

8 super weird things you didn’t know about Halloween – The Huffington Post

“In some parts of Ireland, people celebrated Halloween by playing romantic fortune-telling games, according to Nicholas Rogers’ “Halloween: From Pagan Ritual To Party Night.” These games allegedly predicted who they’d marry, and when.”

7 weird Halloween facts that will scare the wits out of you – Mirror

“There are all kinds of urban myths about the mean old crone or crazed madman in the tumble-down shack slipping poison or dangerous items into cakes and candy for the unsuspecting cherubs who knock on their door on Halloween. But in reality almost every case of Halloween candy tampering has been performed by a family member.”

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